Following a sustained period of political and institutional progress since the establishment of the Federal Government in 2012, the coming few years represent a critical period for Somalia to continue its transition out of fragility and protracted crises. Somalia’s federal and state governments have increased their capacity and legitimacy. The country is making progress towards establishing capable and accountable armed forces and police. And Somalia is nearing debt relief as a result of years of sustained economic reform. Despite this progress, al-Shabaab remains one of the world’s largest and most dangerous violent extremist organizations. The country also remains in a complex humanitarian emergency, having suffered a large-scale famine in 2011/12 and again experienced a near famine situation in 2017. In light of this progress and mindful of the challenges, USAID developed a five-year (2020-25) strategy that aims to see Somalia and its people more effectively withstand disruptions and increasingly drive their own development.