The Employment Accountability Roadmap is a guide for the international development and humanitarian assistance sector to address sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment throughout the employment cycle. Developed by a community practice on employment accountability composed of academics, donors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), aid practitioners, and related organizations, the Roadmap draws on the experiences and best practices in the aid sector to identify proven models, common challenges and areas for continued learning.

The Employment Accountability Roadmap includes five key thematic areas: (1) Capacity Building; (2) Human Resources; (3) Investigations; (4) Legal; and (5) Risk Management. Within these thematic areas, the Roadmap builds a business case, outlines roles and responsibilities, identifies common challenges and recommends standard practices. The Roadmap seeks to ensure survivor-centered approaches are integrated throughout all aspects of the employment cycle and identifies concrete measures that the sector can take to do so.

The Roadmap also highlights opportunities for continued collaboration and learning on topics of employment accountability and examples from members of the community of practice. The Roadmap builds on the efforts of the international community with 2018 Safeguarding Summit Commitments and the 2019 OECD Development Assistance Committee Recommendation on Ending Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment in Development Co-operation and Humanitarian Assistance: Key Pillars of Prevention and Response.

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