Progress & Possibilities: USAID Rwanda’s Investments in Mother Tongue Early Literacy Development from 2011 to the Present 

The Education Office at the USAID Rwanda Mission, with support from the USAID Center for Education, hosted a virtual one-hour event as part of a month of USAID-led events related to International Literacy Day.

This webinar highlighted a recent study of USAID Rwanda’s investments in mother tongue early literacy development programming from 2011 to 2022, particularly emphasizing a decade of assessment data and experiences.

In case you missed it, see the whole webinar here.

Wednesday, January 24, we celebrate the International Education Day. 

On January 29 we will open an online exhibition of the entire USAID Education portfolio in Rwanda. Visitors to our Embassy will be able to see the exhibition in-person during that same time.  

To learn more about our current education programs in Rwanda, see our Education page

For more information, please email DOCKigali@usaid.gov.

A student reading his book.
A student reading his book during the Literacy Walk in Rubavu, Rwanda. September 2023.
Ivana Lawrence