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Small-scale Cassava Growers Earn Big in the Philippines

Samat Nasa has been farming cassava on the outskirts of Zamboanga City in the Philippines’ Mindanao region for over 30 years. Many farmers in the area grow this root crop because it is easy to maintain and can survive extreme weather. But because the Philippines is a predominantly rice-consuming nation, Nasa has only sold his harvests to a handful of local producers of panggi, a customary staple food made of grated cassava.

Young Filipinos Gain Access to Basic Education

In Maguindanao and North Cotabato, two provinces in the Philippines’ southern Mindanao region, pervasive instability due to violent extremism, poverty and underdevelopment prevents many children from obtaining a basic education.

Bringing Safer Deliveries to Mothers and Newborns in the Philippines

Joy Abuyabor is a midwife from Leyte, in the central region of the Philippines called Visayas. Since 2008, she has been operating her family health care and maternity clinic so more babies can be delivered safely and parents can seek family planning options.

Filipino Students Regain Access to Clean Water After Typhoon Damage

Romyla Macanas and Ella Maeh Lopez know how essential clean water is for good hygiene. The two teenagers are in the 10th grade at Tolosa National High School in Leyte province in the central region of the Philippines.

Once Flood-Prone Filipino Schools Now Stand Strong

Rowena Dulfo has devoted herself to teaching for almost 25 years. In addition to being a parent of four children, she serves as a mentor and second mother to hundreds of elementary pupils at the Batug Elementary School in Leyte province in the central region of the Philippines.


Last updated: February 23, 2018

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