The Governments of Peru and the United States of America, within the framework of Donation Agreement 527-0427, agreed to increase support from the United States to Peru by $92.5 million dollars for the period 2023-2024, adding to date a total of $202.9 million dollars, under the aforementioned agreement.

The objective is to continue making progress on priority issues on the bilateral agenda, such as social and economic development, sustainable management of natural resources, the fight against environmental crimes, corruption and illicit drug trafficking; and the socioeconomic integration of the migrant and refugee population.

Thanks to the cooperation provided by the Government of the United States of America, through USAID, between the years 2018-2022, it was contributed to improving the living conditions of more than 87,000 families in rural areas, registering an increase of 97.5%. in their income. This achievement has been obtained thanks to the strengthening and improvement of the quality of coffee and cacao cultivation.

Peru stands out as the first producer of organic coffee and second producer of organic cacao worldwide. Likewise, it has been facilitated internet access in rural spaces, benefiting 117 communities that have managed to connect to national and even international markets.

In the environmental sector, the cooperation has allowed the strengthening of the management of natural resources, ensuring that in 2022, 2 million hectares of forests have better management of their resources. Likewise, it has helped train 5,600 people, including members of native communities and public officials. And greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 17.1 million metric tons of Co2.

The bilateral agenda also includes the fight against corruption, strengthening transparency in the public sector and advancing issues of governance and human rights.

The cooperation of the United States has contributed to strengthening the contracting and procurement system in the public sector. During 2022, 26 external supervision mechanisms for the use of public resources have been supported, and 384 victims of human trafficking have received psychological and social legal support services.

Finally, regarding the socioeconomic integration of the migrant population in Peru, during 2022 USAID provided support to 8,981 people to improve their employability and their abilities to start a new business or improve an existing one.

The international cooperation relationship between Peru and the United States of America is framed in the General Agreement on Technical Cooperation of 1951. This collaboration is solid and long-standing. They are friendly and partner countries, and this cooperation agreement is proof of this relationship.





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