The goal of USAID/Pakistan’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) (2023-2028) is “A more resilient, gender-equitable, inclusive, and prosperous Pakistan.”

USAID prioritizes supporting Pakistan's population in improving health and education, engaging women effectively and encouraging their contributions for inclusive economic growth, strengthening democratic systems to be more representative and accountable, and promoting the advancement and respect of people's rights, particularly those of women and vulnerable groups, along with promoting broad-based economic growth that is resilient to climate-related shocks, disasters, and emergencies.

USAID will advance this CDCS goal through three development objectives (DO): 

  • DO 1: Broad-based, climate-resilient economic growth advanced
  • DO 2: Inclusive democratic and accountable governance strengthened, and
  • DO 3: A healthier, more educated population. 

Considering Pakistan’s susceptibility to the adverse effects of climate change and the unprecedented scale of the 2022 floods, the strategy actively integrates flood recovery and preparedness into each of the DOs. This ensures that USAID/Pakistan’s initiatives enhance resilience to future disasters.

Furthermore, the CDCS integrates cross-cutting priority approaches across these development objectives. These encompass climate resilience and preparedness, integrating flood recovery, and conflict sensitivity throughout the portfolio. Additionally, the strategy emphasizes gender and social inclusion, youth empowerment, localization, and engagement with the private sector.