USAID improves nutrition to save lives, enhance cognitive and physical development, build resilience, increase economic productivity, and advance development. To achieve these goals, USAID works with 14 Nutrition Priority Countries and 4 Nutrition Strategic Support Countries. Investments in multisectoral nutrition in these countries, with a focus on learning and increased engagement, allow USAID to work strategically within and across sectors to achieve optimal nutrition outcomes. This targeted approach to nutrition investments at the country level aligns USAID resources with need, opportunity, and the latest evidence on multisectoral nutrition to deliver the greatest possible impact.

USAID Nutrition Priority Countries

The following countries are Nutrition Priority Countries and were selected based on: (1) burden and severity of malnutrition; (2) ongoing USAID investments in the health and agriculture sectors; (3) country commitment to nutrition; and (4) opportunities for USAID to leverage investments by host country governments and other donors:

In addition to priority countries, USAID will continue to support nutrition progress in Nutrition Strategic Support Countries due to a combination of strategic considerations and nutrition-related development needs: