Economic Governance & Private Sector Strengthening (EGPSS)

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DATES: September 2005 - June 2009
The Economic Governance and Private Sector Strengthening (EGPSS) Program, implemented by Bearing Point, supports the trade and investment enabling environment, continuing the broad-based economic reform initiated under the original Afghanistan Economic Governance Program. EGPSS was awarded $46 million in September 2005 for an initial duration of three years. This ongoing program provides technical assistance to build capacity and ensure long-term sustainability. It will reside within the following ministries and institutions: Commerce, Communications, Finance, Economy, Central Bank, and Office of the President and Afghan Parliament. The project continues to assist the Ministry of Finance in the reform of custom and tax revenue administration and in bank restructuring and privatization. Thus far, the program has helped privatize the telecom industry – providing legal expertise to draft the Telecom law – and helped create the Afghan Telecom Regulatory Authority. Activities will now focus on the next steps to privatize Afghan Telecom.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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