Community Development Program – Kabul (CDP-K)

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DATES: March 2009 - November 2011
The CDP-K project promotes temporary employment and income in targeted populations with the intended effects of reducing food insecurity and promoting stability. The strategic objective is to provide short-term job opportunities for food insecure households of Kabul City and surrounding areas to improve family income amongst the vulnerable population of Kabul Province. USAID implements activities in Kabul in collaboration with the Kabul Municipality, Kabul provincial governor’s office, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Development, and Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Project activities also brings added benefits to the province through improved infrastructure and community assets, improved green zones including construction of concrete boundary walls of Bagrami and Bibi Mahru public parks, and enhanced agricultural land and irrigation facilities. In addition CDP also facilitates community disaster risk reduction programming and skills training aimed at household income generation in target communities.
This project was formerly known as Food Insecurity Response for Urban Populations (FIRUP) - Kabul. 

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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