Reconstruction of the Gardez to Khost Road

DATES: May 2007 - February 2012
PARTNERS: Louis Berger Group/Black & Veatch (LBG/B&V)
USAID is building an all-weather paved asphalt road of approximately 101 kilometers, beginning from the traffic circle in the city center of Gardez to the city of Khost in eastern Afghanistan. The project will also repair or replace bridges and drainage structures to ensure the integrity of the road year round. The current condition of the Gardez-Khost Road is a combination of unimproved roadway to partially graveled or paved surfaces. Overloaded trucks and a poorly designed road have caused extensive damage after many years of constant use. The existing road is not well maintained and is often flooded by spring run-off and localized rainstorms that make the road impassable. Upon completion, this road will be a natural extension of the Kabul-to-Ghazni road completed by USAID in 2006, and link to Khost Province near the border with Pakistan. The road will promote economic growth through cross-border trade to businesses and residents along this entire corridor.

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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