Advisor to the Secretariat of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Energy (ICE)

DATES: September 2007 - October 2011
PARTNERS: Louis Berger Group/Black & Veatch (LBG/B&V)
Afghanistan’s public electricity sector lacks adequate levels of human resources and organization.  The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the international community have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and build a wide variety of projects to improve electricity supply.  One major project for increasing the power supply to Kabul is the North-East Power System, supported by many stakeholders and donors.  To bring together the various ministries that have an impact on the electric power sector, the government created the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Energy (ICE) and appointed a secretariat to support it.  The government also created a working group to support the Ministry of Energy and Water.  The objective of this USAID-funded project is to provide long-term technical assistance and support through advisors to the ICE Secretariat.  Advising the ICE involves a multi-disciplined, multi-pronged approach within the Afghan government and the donor community to produce positive and sustainable results.  The Asian Development Bank, USAID, the World Bank, GIZ (a federally owned organization supporting the German Government in achieving its development objectives), and other donors provide technical advisors.  Together, these advisors provide inputs to the ICE Secretariat to develop solutions in their areas of responsibilities and expertise.  

Last updated: May 07, 2019

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