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The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) welcomes a number of senior political appointees who have joined a dedicated and diverse workforce to help lead the world’s premier development agency. These individuals join the growing body of Biden-Harris appointees who continue to build out the Agency with wide-ranging experience and expertise in their fields.

Together, the team will build the USAID of tomorrow, leading and innovating international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democracy and represent the best of the American people.

Senior Staff

  • Jamille Bigio, Senior Gender Coordinator
  • Gillian Caldwell, Climate Change Coordinator and Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau of Development, Democracy and Innovation
  • Michael Camilleri, Executive Director for the Northern Triangle Task Force
  • Shannon Green, Executive Director for the Anti-Corruption Task Force
  • Joyce Kazadi, Director of Scheduling and Advance, Office of the Administrator
  • Sophia Lalani, Senior Advisor for National Security, Office of the Administrator
  • Eric Postel, Senior Advisor to the Administrator focused on Private Sector Engagement, including for the COVID-19 Task Force
  • Colin Thomas-Jensen, National Security Director, Office of the Administrator
  • Dennis Vega, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Administrator
  • Johnny Walsh, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau of Development, Democracy and Innovation
Senior Political Appointees
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