For Immediate Release

Office of Press Relations

Statement by USAID Spokesperson Jessica Jennings

The full, equal, and meaningful participation of women, in all their diversity, in peace and security initiatives leads to longer-term stability and prosperity in a society – an idea proven time and again by research. Studies show that higher levels of gender equality make countries more prosperous, secure, and democratic, and that women’s participation in peace processes make agreements, treaties, and ceasefires stronger. In fact, these agreements are 35 percent more likely to endure at least 15 years when women are involved in their creation. But as global conflicts persist, and we look toward a new generation of peacebuilders who can solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, we must recognize that there remain barriers to women’s participation in peace and security processes everywhere.

That is why today the U.S. Government released the 2023 U.S. Strategy and National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) to prioritize gender equity and equality in building sustainable peace around the world, and promote women’s participation in conflict and crisis response and recovery.

Through the Strategy and National Action Plan, USAID will continue to empower women and girls and work to elevate their experiences and contributions in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and efforts to address all forms of gender-based violence. USAID prioritizes women’s and girls’ roles as climate leaders, innovators, and decision-makers in our programs. And we reiterate our support of their leadership in peace and security efforts to promote lasting peace.

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