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Today, Administrator Samantha Power visited a school in Tashkent and announced a new initiative to help improve the quality of instruction, materials, and support that every child needs to succeed in school, with an initial-year investment of $4.5 million. 

This announcement builds upon the achievements of USAID’s partnership with the Ministry of Preschool and School Education to improve learning in essential subjects like English, information and communications technology, reading, and math. Since 2019, the United States through USAID, has invested more than $40 million to support educational opportunities in Uzbekistan.  

Following President Biden’s call during the UN General Assembly C5+1 meeting to mainstream disability rights across all sectors in C5+1 nations, and in support of the Government of Uzbekistan’s goal of at least 51 percent of schools being inclusive by 2025, this commitment will lay the foundations for a more inclusive education system and improve the foundational skills of young students, including children with disabilities.

Through the new initiative, USAID will engage government, teachers, parents, persons with disabilities, and civil society to pilot and scale up evidence-based instructional and inclusive education practices that help children in Grades K-5 learn most effectively. Efforts will focus on revising teaching and learning materials to integrate inclusive education principles; improving professional development for teachers, school leadership, and other experts to better support a wide range of learning needs; and working closely with the Government of Uzbekistan to establish policies, procedures, and practices that advance inclusive education throughout the country.

An inclusive education system allows all children to learn and thrive in an environment that meets their needs. USAID is committed to working with our partners to deliver inclusive, high-quality, and equitable education for every Uzbek student. Ultimately, this will provide all children with the necessary foundational skills they need to one day become full participants in society and to contribute to the future of Uzbekistan. 


Administrator Power Travels to Central Asia - October 2023


Administrator Samantha Power will travel to Uzbekistan from October 23th - 24th to deepen ties with Central Asian countries and emphasize the U.S. government’s commitment to the independence, sovereignty, and prosperity of the region.

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