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Today the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a grant of $60 million to UNICEF to provide direct support to vulnerable Tunisian families as they contend with rolling food shortages, fuel and food price hikes, and rising economic uncertainty.

The Tunisian market was already experiencing shortages in key commodities when Putin’s unjustified war on Ukraine caused wheat and oil prices to skyrocket, endangering the stability of many Tunisian families.

This award reflects the United States’ commitment to supporting the Tunisian people and improving economic livelihoods. These funds will help create a social safety net to mitigate rising food insecurity and support Tunisians as they forge a path forward to a more secure future. In addition to this latest announcement, the United States also maintains its long-term partnership with the Tunisian people through a broad range of initiatives to support civil society and the private sector as Tunisians work to advance democracy and build a prosperous economic future inclusive of all Tunisians.

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