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The United States, through USAID’s Agricultural Resilience Initiative-Ukraine (AGRI-Ukraine), has partnered with the American-based Gowan Seed Company to donate $1.5 million in vegetable seeds to Ukrainian farmers.  

Putin’s brutal attacks against Ukraine’s agricultural sector and blockades on major export routes have created serious logistical challenges and exorbitant war-induced costs. However, thanks to the resolve of the Ukrainian people and continued support from the United States and its partners, agricultural exports are approaching pre-war levels – defying all expectations. Gowan Seed’s generous donation will help Ukraine continue to feed the world by supporting over 200,000 small farmers in de-occupied and frontline communities. With these seeds, they will provide food for their communities and increase their income despite Russia’s aggression and economic manipulation of global food markets. This donation demonstrates the continued generosity of the American people and the commitment of agricultural producers around the world to support Ukraine during its time of need. 

USAID’s AGRI-Ukraine is investing $350 million in Ukraine’s agricultural sector. AGRI-Ukraine works with international donors and private sector and foundation partners to leverage these investments, including the Republic of Korea, Bayer, Corteva, Nibulon, Kernel, Grain Alliance, and the World Bank. These partnerships with Ukrainian agribusinesses and international development organizations enable more efficient and cost-effective exports, more stable domestic prices, and more secure futures for Ukraine’s farmers and the millions who rely on them to produce food for global markets. 

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