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During today’s meeting with Guatemalan President Bernardo Arévalo, Vice President Kamala Harris announced that the United States intends to provide $170 million for development, economic, health, and security assistance for Guatemala, subject to Congressional notification, including a planned USAID investment of $135 million. This foreign assistance supports the Biden-Harris Administration’s Root Causes Strategy in Guatemala so that Guatemalans can build a more secure, prosperous, and democratic future in their home communities.

In alignment with the key priorities of the Arévalo-Herrera Administration, this assistance will support efforts to combat corruption; conserve biodiversity; scale agricultural technologies; and improve health outcomes, inclusive of all Guatemalans, especially indigenous communities. USAID’s assistance, notably, will also include funds for the expansion of the first Central American Youth Service Corps in Guatemala. USAID will work with the Guatemalan people to deepen locally led development; protect human rights; promote social inclusion of women, youth, and indigenous people; and expand broad-based economic growth. 

The United States continues to stand with the people of Guatemala. What is good for Guatemala, is good for North America, for all to be more secure and prosper.

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