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The United States Agency for International Development announced $42.5 million in new humanitarian funding for the people of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. This brings USAID's total humanitarian funding for these three countries to nearly $261 million since April 2021.

The new funding from USAID, which was virtually announced by Assistant to the Administrator for Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance Sarah Charles during the 2023 Northern Central America Humanitarian Roundtable in Geneva, will help enable our United Nations (UN) and NGO partners to reach an additional 182,000 people across the region with life-saving assistance. This is in addition to the three million people reached by USAID and partners since April 2021. The new assistance will support programs that reduce food insecurity for the most vulnerable, support survivors and those at risk of gender-based violence and children in need of protection, help households to restore their livelihoods, and provide safe drinking water for poor families. Additionally, USAID will continue to expand local, national, and regional capabilities to strengthen disaster preparedness, mitigation, and response.

This announcement comes at a time when more than 9.3 million people across El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras will require humanitarian assistance, according to the 2023 UN Humanitarian Response Plans for the three countries – an increase of one million people from 2022. In addition to coping with natural hazards, all three countries are suffering from large-scale displacements, increasing food prices, and chronic protection challenges. The United States remains committed to providing lifesaving aid to help the people of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. 

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