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The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development, announces a new contract worth up to $29 million, subject to the availability of funds, for the excavation and treatment of dioxin-contaminated soil and sediment at Bien Hoa Air Base as part of the ongoing efforts to address war legacy issues in Vietnam.

This funding contributes to a 10-year remediation effort at Bien Hoa Air Base, one of the largest remaining “hotspots” of dioxin contamination in Vietnam. The contract has been awarded to a local Vietnamese company. USAID previously completed the clean-up of dioxin contamination at Danang Airport in 2018. The Bien Hoa clean-up effort involves nearly four times the volume of soil as the Danang Airport clean-up. In June 2022, USAID completed the remediation of the first parcel of land – a community lake located outside of base’s Gate 2. The U.S. government has committed a total estimated contribution of $300 million for the project.

This assistance underscores the United States’s commitment to work hand-in-hand with Vietnam to overcome the legacies of war, provide support to people with disabilities, and protect the health of the Vietnamese people. For more than 30 years, USAID has advanced these priorities and supported reconciliation and healing in Vietnam.

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