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The United States strongly endorses the ongoing bilateral discussions between Armenia and Azerbaijan towards a comprehensive peace agreement. On November 28, USAID awarded the “South Caucasus Transportation Assessment” to support greater regional economic connectivity, which will bolster peace and reconciliation efforts. This project will conduct a preliminary assessment to identify and evaluate viable options to improve regional transport connections in the South Caucasus.

The six-month assessment will assist in better understanding the feasibility, costs, and estimated economic benefits of various transportation routes in Armenia. The study will bring to the region decades of international expertise in solving some of the world’s most difficult infrastructure challenges, the results of which are intended to inform ongoing efforts by Armenia and Azerbaijan to unblock transportation connections in the region.

USAID is proud to support this initial assessment as a first step for the region to develop economic and trade connections. Economically sound, climate-sensitive connectivity and transportation links are necessary for the countries of the South Caucasus to flourish. USAID looks forward to the results of the assessment and the possibilities it brings for the South Caucasus region.

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