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Office of Press Relations


Today, Administrator Samantha Power met with Mostafa Terrab, Chairman and CEO of OCP Group, a leading global provider of phosphate and other products that develops fertilizer solutions customized to local conditions and crop needs. 

Administrator Power and Mr. Terrab discussed the impact of high-energy costs and exacerbating effects of Russia’s war against Ukraine on the fertilizer industry and the farmers who rely on it. Administrator Power thanked Mr. Terrab for OCP’s recent contribution of 550,000 metric tons of fertilizer donated, as well as reduced price fertilizer to 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Mr. Terrab and the Administrator discussed the importance of targeting promotional fertilizer to smallholder farmers, who are facing material barriers related to fertilizer accessibility and affordability. They also spoke about opportunities to partner together more closely on food security and fertilizer distribution.

Samantha Power Mostafa Terrab OCP Group
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