From September 19-23, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) convened the international development and foreign policy communities to address the most pressing global challenges facing us today: food insecurity, the climate crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and global health security, democratic backsliding, and rising authoritarianism. These challenges are bigger and more complex than any one entity can address on its own. At this year’s UNGA, the USAID delegation, led by Administrator Samantha Power, spotlighted these challenges and the opportunities they provide and called upon our partners across a wide spectrum of actors to collaborate and generate new and innovative solutions to build a more peaceful, prosperous world.

USAID Administrator Power and Secretary of State Blinken attend a roundtable discussion at UNGA 2022

In addition to the United States announcing $2.9 billion in new funding to fight the global food crisis, USAID announced new commitments targeting some of the most pressing areas of need.

Through its role in the President's Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience (PREPARE), USAID continues to mobilize global support for urgent actions needed to prepare for future climate shocks. 

USAID is committed to supporting democracy around the world, and focused at UNGA on rising democracies and helping their democracies deliver for their people.



USAID’s global health programs continue to save lives, protect people most vulnerable to disease, and promote the stability of communities and nations, while advancing American security and prosperity.

USAID continues its work to center local ideas, voices, and people at the heart of development. 


Readouts from Administrator Power and Deputy Administrator Coleman’s travel can also be found here:


USAID Administrator Samantha Power speaks at a high level UNGA 2022 meeting

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USAID Administrator Samantha Power appears on the Stephen Colbert show.

For additional information on USAID at UNGA, please visit: USAID at UNGA 2022 | U.S. Agency for International Development


USAID at UNGA 2022


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