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August 25, 2022

Mobilizing Against Global Food Insecurity, Celebrating Humanitarians, Supporting Small Businesses, and More

USAID is providing over $68 million in additional funding to the UN World Food Program to purchase, move, and store up to 150,000 metric tons of Ukrainian wheat to help respond to the world’s worst food crises. This action builds on USAID’s efforts to support the first humanitarian grain shipment to have departed the Black Sea with 23,000 metric tons of wheat that will go to support the humanitarian response in the Horn of Africa. The United States has provided nearly $7.6 billion in assistance to respond to the global food security crisis since the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine. We’re making headway, but there’s more to do. We’ll be hosting #HungerCrisis: Responding to Drought in the Horn of Africa live on Twitter Aug. 31. Please join.

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