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A girl puts her knowledge to the test during an in-class exercise
August 9, 2019

A lack of education perpetuates poverty, limits job opportunities, and strains the overall social support system. USAID is working in close partnership with the Ministry of Education to support their ambitious reform efforts by developing an evidence base to design activities that improve reading skills of Moroccan primary school students.

Educational summer camps sponsored by the USAID FORSATY program provide youth opportunities to express themselves creatively whi
April 5, 2019

Morocco is the United States’ oldest friend in the Middle East and North Africa. This bond, dating back over 200 years, is forged on a solid foundation of shared values in security, freedom, and prosperity. Located in an unstable and volatile region, Morocco continues to set itself apart with its stability and steadily growing economy.  

Two Moroccan students reading from their textbooks
June 25, 2018

In 2015, USAID partnered with the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research to launch the 30-month Reading for Success – Small-Scale Experimentation activity to develop and test the most effective approaches to strengthen students’ Arabic reading skills in targeted primary schools. With the positive results from the pilot phase, and building on the data, evidence, and lessons learned, the Ministry of Education decided to implement this approach in grades one through four in all public elementary schools nationwide.

USAID works to build local capacities through direct grants to Moroccan Civil Society Organizations
June 22, 2018

In support of the Government of Morocco’s efforts to increase civic participation, USAID is providing direct grants to five civil society organizations (CSOs) to strengthen their capacities and become intermediary support organizations (ISOs) that help develop the skills of their entire network and effectively engage with the government on behalf of citizens. The five selected ISOs are long-standing local organizations that are embedded in their communities and work to advocate for citizens’ priorities and interests.

August 5, 2016

USAID believes that all youth have the power to become full-fledged citizens in their neighborhoods and cities. The FORSATY activity works in nine marginalized neighborhoods in the north of Morocco, where the pull of legitimate institutions are weak and extremist recruitment cells are active.


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