Our Mission: USAID’s goal is to help build a competitive and democratic European country that resists malign influences while being powered by an engaged citizenry and catalytic partnerships with the private sector.

Building upon a successful 30-year partnership with Moldovans, USAID provides assistance to strengthen Moldova’s democratic governance and economic growth.  Since 1992, the American people have invested more than $640 million in Moldova through USAID assistance programs.

As one of the poorest countries in Europe (based on per capita Gross National Income), Moldova faces many challenges, such as endemic corruption, excessive migration, a remittance-reliant economy, energy dependency and inefficiency, and deteriorating infrastructure. USAID works closely with international donors as well as with other U.S. Government agencies, to help Moldova implement lasting democratic and economic reforms that will improve living standards for all Moldovans.

Three decades of USAID assistance in Moldova has contributed to significant development gains in trade facilitation, competitiveness in targeted sectors, local governance, service delivery and civil society development. 

USAID will continue to build on its legacy of sustainable activities that have spurred, for example, the transformation of the wine and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sectors, whose successes serve as catalysts for reform that other sectors can emulate. 

USAID programming will promote an increasingly independent, competitive and democratic Moldova closely aligned towards an Euro-Atlantic partnership and resistant to malign influences by focusing on strengthening participatory democracy and bolstering sustainable economic growth rooted in Euro-Atlantic integration.