This Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) lays out USAID’s vision for a partnership with the Government of Moldova (GOM) and its people in moving Moldova along its journey to becoming an EU member state. USAID’s goal in Moldova for the strategy period 2020 – 2027 is that Moldova will be a competitive and democratic European country that resists malign influences while being powered by an aspiring citizenry and robust private sector partnerships.

Moldova made measurable development gains over the last decade. While the country faces multiple challenges, including continuous outmigration, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the spillovers of Russia’s war in Ukraine, and attempts by foreign and domestic powers to deter the country from its EU integration path, Moldova is making firm steps towards a more competitive and democratic future.

The 2020-2027 CDCS includes a new Special Objective which reflects increased, urgent energy security needs due to the shifts in the European energy landscape following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and USAID’s commitment to help Moldova improve energy stability, security, and independence.  

USAID will continue to shift its relationship with the GOM from a traditional donor-recipient development model to a partner-partner model. We will use our convening power by bringing in more partners to drive change in order to make Moldova a competitive and democratic European country where Moldovans wish to stay and participate politically and economically. USAID will continue to strengthen collaborations between the government and private sector as well as between civil society and the people of Moldova, all in support of a mutually embraced development agenda.

Country Development Cooperation Strategy