Building Social Cohesion 

Moldova Resilience Initiative
Implementer: Management Systems International (MSI)
Project Period: 03/2022-05/2026
Projected Budget: $20 million

USAID/OTI launched its Moldova Resilience Initiative (MRI) in March 2022, only weeks following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  While initially intended to be a one-year engagement to respond to the impacts of the war, OTI extended the program through early 2026 to provide additional support to strengthen popular support for a democratic, European Moldova.  MRI takes a cross-sectoral approach toward two objectives 1.) strengthening a constituency for European integration and democratic reform processes and 2.) uniting Moldovans around a shared European identity.  MRI supports the strategic communications capacity of the Government of Moldova and provides small grants to media outlets and civil society organizations that advance those objectives.  Creative media and cultural activities are key components of MRI's approach.  MRI is a data-drive program and targets key regions and stakeholders, mainly the North and South of Moldova.  




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