The United States government congratulates the Malian people for eliminating trachoma—the leading infectious cause of blindness—as a public health problem. 

U.S. Ambassador to Mali Rachna Korhonen commended the achievement stating, “This is an important public health achievement. Mali, through its health system and health workers, has taken on the challenge of ending neglected tropical diseases. Ending the leading infectious cause of blindness is a step on the path towards improved health and livelihoods. Congratulations to the Malian people and to all partners involved in this critical effort.”

Mali, with support from local and global partners and donors, has made significant progress against trachoma and other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by implementing large-scale treatment programs, monitoring disease, and managing care for individuals living with chronic morbidities. The United States government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has supported the country to fight five of the most common and burdensome NTDs since 2006.

Trachoma is a bacterial eye infection spread through contact with infected persons, often through direct personal contact, shared towels or cloths, as well as eye-seeking flies. Repeated infection can develop into a condition known as trichiasis. If left untreated, this painful condition can result in vision loss or permanent blindness. Stigmatization and loss of opportunity from the disease can place a tremendous economic burden on individuals, families, and communities.

USAID is a global leader in the elimination and control of five of the most common NTDs. This has been made possible through the global donation of billions of treatments by pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer for trachoma. Globally, USAID has supported the delivery of 3 billion donated treatments to 1.5 billion people at risk of NTDs across more than 30 countries. In total, 11 USAID-supported countries have eliminated at least one NTD. 



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A boy in Mali is handed a dose of medicine to help prevent a neglected tropical disease
A boy in Mali is handed a dose of medicine to help prevent a neglected tropical disease
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