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MALE, Maldives –  The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Maldives signed an amended agreement for an additional $7.2 million in U.S. support over the next year. 

The Development Objective Grant Agreement amendment was signed in a ceremony on June 5th, 2023, by Gabriel Grau, United States Chargé d'Affaires for Maldives, and Ahmed Khaleel, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Maldives.

The new amendment will add an estimated US$7.2 million (110.8 million Maldivian Rufiyaa) of U.S. assistance to Maldives. It brings the total U.S. support to the island nation since the initial development agreement was signed in 2019 to approximately US$36 million (554.4 million Maldivian Rufiyaa).  These funds will support programming to strengthen democratic governance, individual and community resilience, environmental conservation, and climate change adaptation. 

“This comprehensive agreement will enable us to broaden our cooperation with the Maldivian people and their government to advance joint U.S.- Maldives priorities and reinforces our support to the people of Maldives to realize their aspirations for a more stable and prosperous future,” Chargé Grau said.

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