The 20-year partnership between USAID and the government and people of Maldives supports self-reliance, strengthens stability, and promotes economic growth.

Anchored along major international trade routes, a peaceful and resilient Maldives is critical to maritime security and regional stability. Further, as an archipelago of 1,200 coral islands in the Indian Ocean and home to just over 531,000 people, Maldives heavily depends on fisheries and tourism — industries that are vulnerable to weather and market volatility. USAID programs focus on protecting the environment, strengthening democratic governance, and strengthening public financial management.


The United States partners with Maldives to strengthen its ability to adapt to climate change, implement economic and democratic reforms, and build a robust civil society. USAID programs focus on strengthening democratic governance, advancing public financial management, and protecting Maldives’ delicate marine ecosystem.


Maldives’ natural resources – especially marine resources – are essential to both environmental and economic resiliency, with tourism and fishing contributing significantly to the country’s gross domestic product.  Recognizing that climate change is an ever-present threat to Maldives, USAID strengthens the capacity of the Maldivian government, private sector, and local environmental and community groups to manage and adapt to the impact of climate change. USAID also supports environmental conservation and management efforts and mobilizes private sector funding for actions that reduce risks associated with extreme weather, climate variability, and climate change. 


In partnership with the Maldivian government, USAID helps improve public financial management to ensure transparent, efficient use of public expenditures. Activities strengthen government capacity to mobilize public revenue for better public expenditure management, increase the efficiency of investments in public facilities and services, and streamline public financial management processes. 


USAID is working in partnership with the government and people of Maldives to increase prosperity and stability by building a more inclusive society and strengthening democratic governance. Activities strengthen social cohesion and resilience and increase the effectiveness and accountability of government institutions.


USAID/Maldives Country Profile

USAID supports efforts in Maldives to manage and adapt to the impact of climate change.
USAID supports efforts in Maldives to manage and adapt to the impact of climate change.