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Youth discuss how to identify and address community issues
Through USAID's project to promote resilience in Maldives, students discussed how to identify and address issues in their communities.  
Transparency Maldives


USAID is working in partnership with the people of Maldives to increase prosperity and stability by building a more inclusive society and strengthening democratic governance. Activities strengthen resilience to violent extremism and increase the effectiveness and accountability of government institutions.


PROMOTING RESILIENCE IN MALDIVES (PRIME): Through its PRIME activity, USAID supports the people of Maldives in increasing the resilience of vulnerable populations and at-risk groups against violent extremism. Maldives currently contributes more foreign terrorist fighters per capita than any other country in the world; curbing radicalization and rehabilitating returnees are key to its long-term stabilization of democracy. PRIME conducts evidence-based research and consultations to design projects that enhance social cohesion and improve career prospects, education, and employment opportunities for youth who are vulnerable to radicalization. Implementing Partner: Transparency Maldives; Total Estimated Cost: $5 million; Performance Period: February 2020 – February 2024

STRONG AND INCLUSIVE MALDIVIAN DEMOCRACY (SIMD): This activity works with the government and people of Maldives to strengthen the capacity and resilience of democratic institutions. By increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of local governments and the justice sector, as well as increasing citizen engagement on policy reform, this project will help establish positive precedents for growth and stability. This supports the government's efforts to decentralize power and resources from the capital to the regions and empower local government authorities, councils, and women's development committees to exercise control and management of local resources. Implementing Partner: Consortium for Elections and Political Processes; Total Estimated Cost: $19 million; Performance Period: August 2020 – July 2025


Last updated: July 26, 2021

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