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USAID protects biodiversity in Malawi by engaging local communities to govern their natural resources.
USAID/O. Chimenya

Malawi already appears to be suffering from the negative effects of climate change.  Extremely high temperatures are occurring more frequently.  Precipitation patterns are changing.   In the coming decades, rainfall is likely to become more erratic and concentrated into heavy rainfall events that can cause flooding, temperatures will reach the heat threshold of some crops, and extended dry periods will become more common.  These changes have major implications for human welfare and threaten to undermine development gains across sectors.  Malawi’s vulnerability to climate change is exacerbated by high population growth, rapid deforestation, and widespread soil erosion.

To address these challenges, USAID partners with the Government of Malawi (GoM) and a wide variety of Malawian institutions to advance Malawi’s low-emissions, climate-resilient development.  At the national level, USAID is working with the GoM to develop a strategy for combatting deforestation and improving forest governance.  Site-based interventions to address drivers of deforestation help generate livelihood opportunities for vulnerable households.  For example, in the fisheries sector, USAID improves the livelihoods of fishermen by building their resilience to climate change while conserving biodiversity in Lake Malawi, a globally significant freshwater ecosytem. 

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Last updated: November 06, 2015

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