USAID supports the Government of Laos efforts to improve public governance, planning, monitoring, and administration, and improve rule of law and access to justice.  USAID works with various partners to strengthen their capacity and increase local ownership to achieve and sustain development goals in the long term.  USAID also works to build the capacity and effectiveness of the GOL’s legislative body to hold executives accountable to citizens’ needs, and enhance overall accountability and transparency.  Support to the national and provincial assemblies advances progress toward the country’s Sustainable Development Goals and National Socio-Economic Development Plan specifically, and helps these assemblies fulfill their functions of representation, oversight and law-making in general.

USAID partners with the Government of Laos to strengthen its response to human trafficking cases; reduce the vulnerability of women, children, and marginalized people to trafficking; and improve trafficking victims’ access to services and safe economic opportunities.  Counter-trafficking awareness raising campaigns for the public and those in the tourism industry help protect vulnerable groups and potential victims of human trafficking.

USAID supports the Government of Laos to ensure access to the legal system for all Lao people, including and especially women, the poor, and traditionally marginalized populations.  USAID works to expand the network of legal aid providers throughout the country who can provide information, documentation, and representation.


USAID Laos Counter Trafficking in Persons (Laos CTIP): Focuses on reducing vulnerability to human trafficking by supporting vocational training and employment opportunities and providing high quality support and assistance services to at-risk and trafficked persons.

USAID Legal Aid Support: Promotes the rule of law in Laos by ensuring more fair, consistent, and transparent delivery of justice and legal assistance to women, the poor, and traditionally underserved populations.

Strengthening Capacity and Effectiveness of People's Assemblies System in Laos (STEPS): Strengthens the capacity of national and local people’s assemblies in Laos to represent, engage and respond to citizen’s needs more effectively, as well as to better analyze societal concerns and monitor the implementation of the country’s National Socio-Economic Development Plan and alignment with its Sustainable Development Goals.

National Planning and Financing for Inclusive Development (Support to 9th NSEDP): Supports the Government of Lao PDR to strengthen its planning and financing for the 9th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (NSEDP).  Support also improves the evidence base and alignment of policies and stakeholders across sectors and between national and sub-national levels.