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Residents of Kurshab village in Kyrgyzstan’s Osh region came together to repair and improve almost 3 km of pedestrian sidewalk in the village. The initiative was led by a group of local activists to improve the safety of pedestrians on the busiest street of the village. They managed to mobilize the community around this issue and raise funding. The process was supported by USAID’s Jigerduu Jarandar project that aims to support local initiatives. 

In 2020, Kurshab community members formed an initiative group to address the safety of 2.85-km long Kamchybekov Street. They conducted a series of public consultations as well as advocacy and fundraising activities. The group managed to raise KGS 612,000  from local entrepreneurs and KGS 272,300 from fellow villagers working abroad. The local self-government allocated KGS 1,46 mln and USAID’s Jigerduu Jarandar project provided KGS 1,498 mln in non-monetary contribution to support the initiative.

According to Barkan Kalykova, leader of the Local Women’s Council and member of the initiative group, school students and their parents, the elderly, and people with disabilities highly value the initiative. 

“Before, children on the way to school had to walk on the road and risk being hit by a car,” she explained.  “This is why we joined hands with everyone who could help to make the street safe”

The construction of the new pavement was completed in June 2022. More than 19,000 residents of Kurshab village now have safe access to the local schools, kindergartens, hospital, police office and other institutions in the village.

“USAID is honored to contribute to the success of this citizen-led initiative that has led not only to paved sidewalks and subsequent improvements in public safety but has also demonstrated that citizens can make a difference,” said  Kaya Adams, USAID Mission Director in the Kyrgyz Republic, during her meeting with residents and authorities of Kurshab on July 6th. 


Jigerduu Jarandar is a five-year project in support of civic participation funded by USAID and implemented by FHI 360 in Kyrgyzstan between 2019 and 2024. One of the key goals of the project is to enhance collaboration between the civil society, the government and the private sector to address issues of local concern. Since 2020, the project has been supporting twenty citizen-driven initiatives in 10 municipalities of Chui, Issyk-Kul, Jalal-Abad and Osh regions, eight of which have been completed. The initiatives include creation of public spaces, improved street lighting, construction of safe sidewalks along major roads,  expanding children’s access to musical education, inclusive playgrounds, and safer bathrooms inside schools.

For more information, please contact: 

Dinara Akmatbekova, USAID’s Jigerduu Jarandar project, +996 550 206652,

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