Formalizing womens’ ownership of property challenges traditional norms, and recognizes women as vital participants at all levels of the labor force, politics and social spheres. 

In a groundbreaking move towards fostering gender equality and empowering women, the Municipality of Suhareka, with the support of USAID, doubled the number of properties registered to women. This remarkable achievement unfolded over a one year period, November 2022 to 2023, during which 64 women successfully registered properties in their names, marking a twofold increase compared to previous years. 

Suhareka Municipality partnered with the USAID Property Governance Activity to strengthen property rights and improve service delivery for its citizens, enabling them to formalize and register their rights. These efforts included educational programs on the benefits of property ownership for personal independence and business growth, opportunities for women participating with the local government to improve property processes, and the impact of property ownership for growth of women-owned businesses.

Aida Kuqi, a local journalist, and business owner, exemplifies this positive impact. Currently in the process of inheriting property from her father, Aida, who participated in activities facilitated by the Municipality of Suhareka in collaboration with the USAID activity, expressed “… [that] a woman with her own property isn't just a homeowner; she's the architect of her destiny, shaping a future of security, autonomy, and limitless possibilities.”

By encouraging and facilitating women to take charge of their property, the Municipality of Suhareka has opened doors to new opportunities and avenues for women’s personal and financial growth.  Suhareka’s success story sets an inspiring precedent for other municipalities to follow, fostering an environment where women can thrive and contribute to community progress.

Suhareka municipality doubles women’s property registration
Aida Kuqi, a local journalist, and business owner, exemplifies USAID's Property Governance Activity positive impact.
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