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  • USAID Assistance in addressing COVID 19 in Kosovo: For more than a half-century, the United States has been the largest contributor to global health security and humanitarian assistance.
  • USAID Commercial Justice Activity is working on reforms that promote investment, economic growth, and job creation. 
  • USAID Compete Activity aims to improve the export competitiveness of the private sector in the wood processing, food processing and ICT sectors. 
  • USAID Economic Governance Activity is a five-year initiative to improve self reliant, inclusive governance and strengthen public financial management to facilitate economic growth, reducing the public perception of and opportunities for economic corruption, thereby encouraging investment in Kosovo's economy.
  • USAID Justice Activity strengthens Kosovo's justice system by applying a people-centered approach to justice.
  • Kosovo Youth Dialogue is a 30-month project with the main goal of empowering young people to actively participate in the dealing with the past and reconciliation  process in Kosovo by encouraging inter-ethnic communication, interaction and cooperation, addressing common interests, building confidence and promoting mutual  understanding and positive attitudes.
Investing in opportunities for women and youth employment.
Investing in opportunities for women and youth employment.
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