USAID’s Kosovo Energy Security of Supply activity is a five-year initiative that provides technical assistance across the energy sector to design and implement energy security projects in Kosovo.  It strengthens the Government of Kosovo’s (GOK) efforts to modernize the country’s existing electricity sector and provide for a more reliable, cleaner, and affordable supply of energy.  


USAID’s Kosovo Energy Security of Supply activity provides technical assistance for the overall expansion and promotion of private sector investment in renewable self-consumption energy generation (prosumer and behind-the-meter), and to tackle the development of prosumer renewable energy source (RES) and energy diversification issues within Kosovo.


  • Support the GoK in developing, adopting, and implementing the RES law, which forms the foundation of the new legal and regulatory framework to promote private investments in solar prosumer installations. 

  • Identify and accelerate PV development opportunities by conducting solar assessments, feasibility studies and other analyses, including financing opportunities, to encourage the development of bankable projects by the private sector. 

  • Utilize Kosovo Energy Security of Supply activity’s strategic communications team and pre-existing network to promote and implement the law on RES and Rule on Prosumers to further encourage and unlock the prosumer market.

  • Review documents related to energy infrastructure transactions and the provision of advice to GOK and other energy-sector participants on the implementation of steps for commercial and financial closure of future energy generation and associated projects.

  • Support studies as requested by GOK and other energy sector stakeholders, including but not limited to cost-benefit analyses of incentives to encourage investment in power generation with a focus on clean energy sources; assessments of potential market structures and strategies for joining regional power exchanges; development of fuel supply options; and financial analysis for optimizing Kosovo's energy generation mix.

  • Improve the GOK’s capacity for evaluating the environmental and social impacts of energy sector projects.

  • Provide input to the revision of Kosovo's ten-year energy strategy to reflect the needs of Kosovo's economy.

  • Increase the participation of women in energy-sector policy developments, with more women representing public institutions in commercial agreements.

  • Build the capacities of women in various fields related to the energy sector (51 women trained to date), including in organization management, fundraising, energy efficiency, energy renewables, energy tariffs, gender mainstreaming in the energy sector, and networking with international women associations.


Project Duration: August 2017 – September 2023

Partner: DT Global

Contact: Edmond Shyti 



Kosovo Energy Security of Supply
Strengthening Kosovo’s efforts to modernize the country’s existing electricity sector and provide for a more reliable, cleaner, and affordable supply of energy.
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