A group of firefighters working on a hill


Globally, the dramatic increase in the frequency and severity of destructive fire threatens ecosystems, biodiversity, and the health and well-being of communities. These destructive fires are both a driver and a result of climate change: when compared to the emissions of individual countries, fire ranks as the world’s fourth largest emitter, after the United States, China, and India. Indigenous and traditional communities around the world have deep knowledge and practice of fire management, developed over millennia. They are often on the front lines of destructive fires as a result of climate change, with little outside information or assistance.

Launching in 2024, the Fire Grand Challenge is an open call for solutions that combines cutting-edge innovation and technology with local expertise to revolutionize our approach with fire management. Its implementation will focus on the Amazon rainforest, Western North America, and Southeast Asia. The Fire Grand Challenge will be launched in partnership with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and implemented by ConservationXLabs. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is contributing a grand prize to the challenge. 

The Fire Grand Challenge aims to incentivize a global community of innovators and Indigenous and rural communities to work together to design, test, and scale solutions through a built-in “Fire CoLab” accelerator. This unique mechanism leverages public and private sector prize funds to attract solutions and foster sustained investment well beyond the program and investment provided by the challenge itself. A global community of fire experts, practitioners, organizations, and communities is already on board to make this challenge a success.

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