Increasing and sustaining student enrollment in schools in selected marginalized districts by developing school environments that are conducive to teaching and learning

Implementing Partner: Government of Sindh (GoS)

USAID funding over the life of the program:

  • G2G school construction: $81 million
  • Non-G2G soft components: $78.2 million

GoS funding over the life of the program:

  • EMO/private sector reform allocations: $42 million
  • Infrastructure-related: $23.2 million

Contact: Lila Ram

Replacing, upgrading, and enlarging schools damaged or destroyed by 2010 floods:

  • Training construction companies in USAID regulations and standards
  • Funding of new school construction by GoS
  • Improving education policies and service delivery
  • Enhancing GoS capacity for private sector engagement to improve education service delivery

Increasing enrollment of girls in schools:

  • Creating primary and secondary coed schools, including more women teachers
  • Increasing women‚Äôs participation in school management committees
  • Reducing the gap of secondary school opportunities for girls by upgrading primary schools to the secondary level
  • Addressing the needs of girls and the disabled with gender-friendly infrastructure

Awarding concession agreements to improve public school operations and enhance student achievements:

  • Outsourcing schools to private sector Education Management Organizations (EMO) for up to 10 years with GoS funding to improve school operations
  • Implementing school management reform under the Public Private Partnership Act