Improving vertical infrastructure (market and collection centers) and horizontal infrastructure (roads, irrigation, and drainage systems)

Implementing Partner: Government of Bangladesh Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)

USAID Investment: $15,000,000

Country Investment: $1,500,000 (10 percent)

Contact: Nazmul Bhuiyan

Adding roads, market centers, collection centers, and irrigation hectares to help communities earn more and enjoy more social benefits:

  • Increasing access to extension services, quality inputs, and improved farming technology
  • Supporting trading and other business services with improved access to markets to enhance agricultural production and improve cropping intensity

Creating a business-enabling environment for farmers and traders to enhance local economic development

  • Creating employment and new business opportunities
  • Building market centers and collection centers to facilitate commodity aggregation, sorting, grading, and trading along with improved prices and sale volumes
  • Enabling transportation to be faster, safer, cheaper and year-round and improving roads to increase opportunities for income generation and improve the quality of life
  • Developing local partner capacity, especially LGED

Fostering income generation opportunities:

  • Increasing fish production and improving access to fish buyers to increase sales
  • Enhancing involvement in family decisions and decreasing child marriages
  • Reducing drop-out rates of primary school students
  • Making roads safer for women to travel alone throughout the year