USAID Releases Indonesia Global Water Strategy High-Priority Country Plan, Announces Additional $10 Million Investment to Reach a Water-Secure Future for All Indonesians

MAKASSAR – Today, USAID released its Global Water Strategy Indonesia High Priority Country Plan. Under this plan, USAID will invest over $50 million to reach more than one million Indonesians with access to safe, sustainable, and climate-resilient drinking water and sanitation services by 2027.  USAID will also work to mobilize $300 million for the water and sanitation sector in Indonesia while strengthening 100 water and sanitation sector institutions.

USAID Assistant Administrator Michael Schiffer announced the plan’s release in a meeting with the Regional Secretary of South Sulawesi, Andi Darmawan Bintang.  Assistant Schiffer reaffirmed USAID’s commitment to supporting the Indonesian government and local partners to reach a water-secure future for all Indonesians and asserted.  “We are excited to see the Government of Indonesia taking a global leadership role in the water and sanitation sector,” said Assistant Administrator Schiffer.  “From the 2022 Sanitation and Water for All conference in Jakarta to next year’s World Water Forum in Bali, USAID will continue to support Indonesia’s efforts to convene stakeholders.”

In conjunction with the release of the high-priority country plan, Assistant Administrator Schiffer also announced the launch of USAID’s Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Market (IUWASH Pasar) activity, a five-year, $10 million investment will bolster USAID’s ongoing IUWASH Tangguh program, a $44 million investment to improve access to safely managed drinking water and sanitation services and improve water resources management, particularly for those in poor and underserved areas.  Combined, these projects aim to help 1.5 million people access safely managed drinking water and 1 million people access safe sanitation services, particularly those in poor and underserved areas.

South Sulawesi Regional Secretary Andi Darmawan Bintang said: “We are proud to be one of the province partners for the implementation of the USAID High Priority Country Plan under the U.S. Global Water Strategy and we welcome the new USAID IUWASH Pasar activity.  This recognition and investment aligns with South Sulawesi’s priorities in expanding access to safe water and sanitation for all.  With USAID’s support, we can accelerate our efforts to address the challenges of water scarcity, climate change, and rapid urbanization.  Together, we will work towards building a water-secure future for our people and ensuring the well-being of our communities.”

USAID is one of the world’s leading donors to water security, sanitation and hygiene, investing an average of US $1 billion per year in development and humanitarian contexts.  Since 2008 worldwide, USAID has reached 65 million people with access to safe drinking water, and more than 50 million people with access to improved sanitation.  By 2027, USAID aims to reach an additional 22 million people with access to safe and sustainable drinking water and 22 million people with safe and sustainable sanitation.

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USAID Releases Indonesia Global Water Strategy High-Priority Country Plan
USAID Releases Indonesia Global Water Strategy High-Priority Country Plan.
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