The United States continues to deliver on its promise to stand with the people of India amidst the COVID-19 surge. Two air shipments have arrived in India to date, with more on the way. 
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the departures of three additional COVID-19 relief supply aircraft carrying life-saving oxygen, oxygen supplies, and other critical health commodities from the United States to India. Together, these additional flights are transporting additional oxygen cylinders and regulators, oxygen concentrators, rapid diagnostic tests, and more than one million N95 masks. Importantly, one of these flights will carry a Deployable Oxygen Concentration System, donated generously by the State of California. Additional life-saving supplies will follow.
On April 28, 2021, the United States deployed its first two planes carrying the initial emergency relief supplies including oxygen cylinders, regulators, and pulse oximeters generously donated by the State of California; rapid diagnostic tests; and N95 masks. As supplies arrive, they are being provided directly to the Indian Red Cross at the request of the Government of India to ensure these vital resources reach the people who need them most.
These emergency relief shipments build on USAID’s ongoing efforts to combat the pandemic in India. Since the outset of the pandemic, USAID has worked closely with Indian health care facilities to improve preparedness and infection prevention and control. In addition, we have worked to keep India’s brave frontline health workers safe so they can continue to save lives. 
To donate to COVID-19 relief efforts in India and around the world, please visit the Center for International Disaster Information.