In India, USAID serves as the South-Asian hub for implementing U.S. goals towards a free and open Indo-Pacfic Region. USAID’s work covers both domestic and regional issues in energy, U.S.-India joint development activities in third countries, trade, donor coordination, digital connectivity, infrastructure, disaster risk reduction, and COVID-19 assistance.


USAID’s South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy promotes cross-border electricity trade in South Asia to revitalize and accelerate regional economic development. Since 2000, the program has supported energy security in the region through cross-border electricity trade, energy market formation, and clean energy access.

USAID Improves Regional Energy Markets in South Asia:

South Asia is the least integrated region in the world, trading approx. 2,500 megawatts of power through bilateral cross-border trade (about 1.5 percent of installed capacity). As the regional hub, USAID/India enables greater integration of electricity and natural gas markets through regional roadmaps, harmonized policies, effective regional networks, and cross-border infrastructure.

USAID Strengthens Joint Development Partnership with India: 

The U.S. - India partnership is a significant contributor to regional and global stability and prosperity. USAID works closely with India’s Development Partnership Administration, recently signing a five-year extension to advance shared global development priorities, particularly in Asia and Africa. Key areas of focus include disaster risk response, clean and renewable energy, and climate-smart agriculture.

USAID Promotes Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

USAID is enhancing support for the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI), India’s highest profile climate change initiative to help foster disaster and climate resilient infrastructure worldwide. USAID will support CDRI to develop and share innovations, policy recommendations, and best practices, as well as foster partnerships between governments and the private sector to scale efforts.