USAID’s Disability-Inclusive Development 101 course provides a general overview of disability concepts, disability inclusive development, and USAID policies to ensure common understanding of trends and USAID requirements related to persons with disabilities in development.

USAID and our implementing partners work to transform lives, communities, and economies in a way that is inclusive of all members of society—including persons with disabilities. Societies that are inclusive of their diverse populations are more likely to be democratic, participatory, and equitable. With this course, we hope you will join us in working to ensure that international development is inclusive of and responsive to the world’s one billion persons with disabilities.

The learning objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Articulate foundational disability concepts and framings.
  • Identify societal barriers faced by persons with disabilities that should be addressed to ensure effective inclusion of persons with disabilities in development programs.
  • Apply principles of disability-inclusive development in your work.
  • Summarize relevant international and USAID policies and standards that support the Agency’s commitment to disability-inclusive development.

Disability 101 public course

For links to resources referenced in the document, please refer to this Disability 101 Resources document.

Disability-Inclusive Development 101
disability inclusive development