• Enhanced Leadership in Elections for Citizen Confidence and Trust Program (ELECCT): ELECCT works with civil society organizations (CSOs) and government authorities during all phases of the electoral cycle to promote the democratic values of free and fair elections and civic and political participation. 
  • Gobernabilidad Local Honduras: This program aims to increase the capacity of municipal governments in Honduras to provide basic services and increase economic development and security in their communities. By supporting both local governments and civil society organizations, this program ensures that basic municipal services (e.g., education, security, and health) respond to citizen needs and are managed in a transparent and efficient manner.
  • Support to the Consejo Nacional Anticorrupción (CNA):  The objective of this program is to strengthen CNA’s technical and organizational capacity and its ability to work with state institutions to prevent, detect, investigate, and prosecute corruption. CNA also raises awareness among the Honduran public, especially youth, about the impact of corruption.
  • Support to the Foro Nacional para la Deuda Externa de Honduras (FOSDEH): This award to the local organization, FOSDEH, is focused on fighting corruption by promoting research, data analysis, and advocacy for anti-corruption measures and democratic values such as participation, transparency, and accountability across the public and private sectors.
  • Reducing Conflict through Indigenous Women and Youth: The Indigenous Women and Youth Program is addressing impunity in human rights violations committed against indigenous communities, building technical expertise and institutional resilience of indigenous councils, and mobilizing indigenous women and youth to influence decision-making processes, particularly in relation to conflict over land and natural resources.


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