USAID is the United States Agency for International Development that has worked since 1961 with the government and people of Honduras. USAID programs have contributed to the reduction of poverty and insecurity, and the creation of opportunities for Hondurans through programs in health, anti-corruption, education, sustainable economic growth, environmental protection, infrastructure development, human rights, governance and democracy. To achieve these goals, USAID has supported Honduran efforts to:

  • Strengthen citizen security
  • Strengthen democratic institutions, transparency, and open governance
  • Strengthen the justice sector and rule of law
  • Promote transparency and anti corruption efforts
  • Support human rights protection
  • Strengthen civil society and media
  • Diversify agricultural production
  • Improve food security and sanitary conditions
  • Expand exports
  • Promote microenterprise
  • Protect biodiversity
  • Adapt to climate change 
  • Promote environmentally sound economic growth 
  • Strengthen and expand decentralized services
  • Increase access to health services
  • Expand and improve the quality of primary, secondary, and vocational education
  • Provide training opportunities for youth
  • Connect youth to employment
  • Address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Prevent and respond to gender-based violence
  • Strengthen market systems to become more competitive and resilient
  • Enhance school infrastructure and education materials
  • Provide life-saving humanitarian assistance
A Honduran coffee producer smiles at the camera