For decades, USAID has been a world leader in providing critical, life-saving medicines and diagnostic tools for public health programs. The generosity of the American people has reached countless men, women, and children around the world and saved millions of lives.

The success of the U.S. Government’s global health programs has depended on our capacity to ensure that health workers, who are on the front lines of public health, have the products and tools necessary to test and treat for malaria and other childhood diseases, fill prescriptions for people who are living with HIV, and offer voluntary family planning, maternal and child health services, and other health programs in the countries where we work. We are committed to ensuring the availability of these products in all the places where we have a presence.

USAID’s support covers the entire supply chain from manufacturer to patient and community. The end-to-end supply chain requires immense effort to correctly forecast and procure, ship, clear through customs, store and distribute ​​billions of health products to millions of people through a vast network of hospitals, health centers, clinics, dispensaries​ and retail kiosks. We do this through a variety of transportation methods, including donkeys, camels, motorcycles, bicycles and boats.

At the global level, we work to promote markets, support innovation, and secure best value. At the country level, we assist governments to strengthen their national supply chains so that life saving products reach people when they need them and wherever they are.


USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program

Global Health Supply Chain
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