USAID's Malaria Vaccine Development Program

Working to End Malaria 

USAID’s Malaria Vaccine Development Program (USAID MVDP) partners with private and public sector researchers to develop and evaluate novel malaria vaccines targeting multiple stages of the malaria parasite’s life cycle to reduce the impact of malaria on children living in malaria-endemic areas of the world. 

Driving Progress Through Partnerships 

USAID’s MVDP continues to be a major collaborator and funder of malaria vaccine development efforts across the globe. USAID’s MVDP has developed and sustained essential collaborations and leveraged resources that continue to support malaria vaccine innovation. 

USAID MVDP is actively exploring promising vaccine platforms, structure-based antigen design, and multi-stage vaccines to further accelerate progress towards highly efficacious, durable, and affordable malaria vaccines. Current partnerships include:

  • Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) and  the USAID MVDP Innovations in Malaria Vaccine Development (IMV) work with PATH and partners, including Johns Hopkins University, Scripps Research, and Statens Serum Institut: Develop and evaluate new vaccine candidates to guard against malaria infection and improve the efficacy of existing malaria vaccines. 
  • USAID MVDP IMV works  with PATH and partners, including University of Oxford and University of Texas at Austin: Develop and evaluate preclinical and clinical vaccines to prevent clinical cases of malaria. This work includes a clinical trial that  builds on the success of a previous MVDP-supported trial that provided the first-evidence for a vaccine that reduces the growth rate of the parasite that causes malaria in humans—a major clinical achievement that has the potential to accelerate progress against malaria. 
  • The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, WRAIR, the Naval Medical Research Command: Support for research to evaluate promising malaria vaccine candidates provides USAID and other partners key data for decision making.

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