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Sustainable Landscapes

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Sustainable Landscapes.
Experts from the region visited Mexico to learn about mangroves.
US Forest Service

USAID supports Mexico’s commitment to achieve Net Zero Deforestation by 2030 and meet its international climate commitments, with the Government of Mexico (GOM) as its principal partner. Counterpart agencies include the Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources and Energy, along with state and municipal governments. USAID also is engaging with non-governmental stakeholders, including the private sector, environmental NGOs, local and indigenous communities, and civil society advocacy groups to promote clean energy and reduce deforestation.

USAID’s initiatives address objectives:  1) Increased participation in green value chains, 2) Improved management of community forest-related businesses, and 3) Community, private, and public lands sustainably managed. In addition, the program focuses on strengthening policies and institutional capacities, and creating sustainable financial mechanisms for emissions mitigation in the energy, forestry, and agricultural sectors.

Last updated: July 31, 2018

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