Akosombo, GHANA – The United States Government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), donated a new 19-seater boat to the Ghana Health Service to serve communities of the Oti region today. The boat, known as the “Health Voyager,” will serve 30 percent of the entire population in the Oti region – more than 230,000 people across 185 island communities in four districts.

“The United States is committed to ensuring that all Ghanaians — regardless of their location – have access to quality health care,” said USAID/Ghana Health Office Director, Dr. Zohra Balsara. “USAID’s donations embody our commitment to enhancing primary health care services in Ghana.”

Island communities along the Volta Lake are often cut off from health services due to geographical barriers. The Health Voyager, designed and manufactured in Ghana, was custom-made to navigate the expansive Volta Lake. The boat will reshape the healthcare service delivery landscape along the Volta Lake coast, allowing community health staff to conduct routine outreach visits including childhood vaccinations, pregnant women checkups, and counseling for nurturing underweight children.

In addition, the United States recently renovated a boat for the Volta Region, which is now serving 54,000 people across 45 island communities. USAID also donated four pick-up trucks and 30 motorcycles–contributing to the total of over 300 motorcycles and 20 vehicles the United States has donated to the Ghana Health Service over the past year. These are all crucial assets that will support healthcare delivery across Ghana and ensure the Ghana Health Service can implement its community outreach or CHPS Primary Health Care delivery model.

The United States is Ghana’s largest bilateral development donor.  In 2023, USAID’s bilateral development assistance totaling over $140 million was dedicated to supporting health, economic growth, agriculture, education, governance, and security in Ghana.

USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential. USAID’s activities and strategic partnerships support Ghana to advance an integrated approach to development. It promotes accountability, sustainable systems, and inclusive development.


U.S.-donated "Health Voyager" boat on its maiden voyage in February 2024. The boat will bring health services to Oti's island communities.
U.S.-donated "Health Voyager" boat on its maiden voyage in February 2024. The boat will bring health services to Oti's island communities.
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